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Hello and Welcome to my site. I guess a little about myself is in order, seeing as how this is a site about myself and my glass art!

In the year 1990, I took a summer art class as I felt I wanted to do something with my hands. My first encounter with a blow pipe, furnance and a glob of dripping orange goo ...a molten, moving form that I could manipulate made me realize I hadn't made something for fun since I was a kid. It was warped and off center, but I made it. What a great feeling! I knew I'd be experimenting with this whenever I'd have the opportunity for the rest of my life.

A few years later I knew it was time to say goodbye to my profession in the mental health field and begin my childhood dream - go see the world. That was in '93. In '94 I went to the Reading Festival, an English summer annual music event. Late night I was walking around and saw the stage and all the vendor stalls without the thousands of people in front of them. I realized these weren't big corporations selling ... it's everyday people who know how to make a certain product. Whatever it might be they go from festival to festival, set-up what they've been making and make money.  Hmmm...  At that very moment the idea flashed in my head of my own stall doing torch demonstrations. At the time I had not a clue about torch work, just knew that it was portable and a great visual. Simply a thought that came to me.

A few months later I went to the place that was the epitome of my childhood traveling dreams, Africa. It was here that I was able to stop and reflect on this life of mine. One of the greatest lessons of travel is realizing one can have an idea of a plan/path to do in life that you truly want to do and just go for it no matter absurd or unconventional to mainstream way of thinking.

My Life. My Choice. What really makes me happy? ... "I love music, dancing, festivals, travel and playing with glass. So if I can figure out how to combine them all together and make that my living .... that should be a pretty good life", I thought with a grand smile.

In 1997 I was introduced to a scientific glass blower in South Africa. He was a friend of someone I knew. That contact and with my desire/passion to learn gave me an invitation to his studio to help me learn the basics. From that moment on I gravitated to anyone who could teach me more. I soon bought my first torch and that thought which appeared at Reading 94 came to fruition in 1999 at a world music event in Johannesburg, South Africa. 

Since then this glass journey of mine has taken me from trading in an African village, to receiving lessons from a descendant of a king, to a 10 day celebration of the solar eclipse in Zambia,  to annual celebrations in South Africa, and always back home to New England for the holidays and so many other places and events along the way.  Little did I know when I first saw that orange dripping goo called glass it would take me on this amazing journey.