Artist Statement for Screamers Pendant

Spiral into Flames

In history throughout the world, The Spiral has symbolized power and independent movement. As I created this design, I found the Spiral represented many concepts in a single symbol. I believe our individual power comes through self-movement on a myriad of levels – this commemorative piece focuses on movement of Awareness and Action.

Beginning on an individual level our desire to know more naturally and instinctively draws us to others who share this passion for the knowledge. Demanding the Full Truth, we as individuals become a collective mass.

Our individual power then transcends to an even greater strength as we become a solid unit of energy which can not sit idle – it must move into action.

Action leads to Change.

This Change becomes the new Reality.

The spiral flows into a fire. As a single flame burns on In memory of a loved one, these flames rage on in memory of the many. As glass never deteriorates this fire burns on eternally. LEST WE NEVER FORGET!

I am grateful for the honor to create this symbolic art for SCREAMERS and its noble cause.